Attic Trusses

One of the Most Overlooked Part of Any House is the Attic Area.  An Attic Typically has the Same Amount of Square Footage in it as the House You are Building.  Most People Think of an Attic as a Place for Storage with Limited Space.  With an Engineered Attic Truss System from Higgins & Sons this Wasted Space can be Economically Transformed into Large Storage Areas or even a Bonus Room.

Consider the Costs, for Between $3.00 and $4.00 per square foot of Finished Rough Construction Costs You can have an Abundance of Storage Space.  A Typical 38' x 50' Gable Roof could yield over 700 square feet of Added Storage for less than $4.00 per square foot!  (these figures are estimated using 3/4" T&G flooring)  Some Customers go a Step Further and Line the Walls of Their Newly Created Storage with Cedar to Create Gigantic Walk-in-Closets.  The Ideas are Endless.  The Cost of Setting the Attic Truss in Place Should be the same as a Conventional Roof Truss.  It Makes a Tremendous amount of Sense to use Attic Trusses Wherever Possible in Your New Home or Business.

Bonus Rooms can also be Easily Made over a Typical Garage Area.  This is among the Most Practical Ways of Maximizing Space with Little per Square Foot Cost.

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